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Gabbing Geek

Oh hey, this is the page for Gabbing Geek.  We talk about Geeky stuff like movies and TV and comic books.

Apr 9, 2015

Episode 32 has some good news and some bad news.  The good news—we figured out which microphone has technical problems.  The bad news—we found out after we recorded it was Jenny’s mic and we lost a good chunk of her audio.  Ouch and sorry Jenny.  It’s on after about a minute, then turns off about 10 minutes in before coming back at the 25 minute mark for good.  This will not happen again, sorry about that.


But for our actual content we start with the Geekiest News of the Week (GNOW) where we cover the digital release of all three Star Wars movies and our new take on George R R Martin.  Bottom line: he’s a jerk.


Ryan leads the gang on a fun new game: Best Elite Test of Spelling or BETS.  It’s a geek spelling bee with some point wagering on your opponent!  This week’s BETS topic: Star Wars planet.  Who will win our amazing prize?


After some Geek Mail we bring back our Pitch Please segment.  In honor of Watson’s 40th birthday today, we each pick a geek property over 40 years old that we feel should be given some geek Viagara and brought back to life.  Will your favorite old geek property be covered?  Listen and find out!


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